Earn routing fees and capture DeFi yield in one tap

What is STROOM?

Stroom DAO functions as a financial protocol connecting the Bitcoin Lightning Network and EVM-based blockchains, like Ethereum.

It enables users to earn Lightning Network revenue without the necessity of locking up BTC or overseeing their node infrastructure.
Lightning => Stroom => Bitcoin
Stroom Explainer Diagram
Step 1
Put your BTC to work on the Lightning Network.
Step 2

Receive liquid stBTC on Ethereum.

Earn daily network fees & use your stBTC across DeFi ecosystem.
Did you know?

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Active Channels


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Launch App

Connect your wallet to access Stroom.

Deposit BTC

Deposit your BTC into validator-secured Stroom protocol.

Mint stBTC

Receive a liquid stBTC token to use across the DeFi.

Collect rewards

Sit back and watch your rewards accumulate. Monitor performance and optimise where needed.

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Why stake with Stroom?

Earn native BTC yield in Lightning Network

Stroom allows you to generate native BTC yield through the Lightning Network, providing an opportunity to earn while staking.
Bitcoin token floating in the air

Keep your BTC liquid with a DeFi-compatible token

Stroom enables you to stake your BTC without locking it up, allowing you to maintain liquidity and easily access your funds when needed.
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Investors and Partners

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Connect to the

Stroom Lightning Node

If you seek inbound liquidity or can provide it — let’s open a channel.
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